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African Elephant Safari

This is a sample listing showing how your wildlife holiday could be promoted on the Wildlife Wishlist website. This text would provide a brief description of the trip. Below, there's key info on the type of holiday, how long it is, what months it's available and how much it is. The orange button would link to the holiday page on your website.

Escorted Holiday • 5-6nts • Oct-Nov

From £2,900pp (GBP) exc flights

Step-by-step guide to listing your holidays, tours or accommodation on Wildlife Wishlist

This is a sample listing of an African elephant safari in Kenya. It could equally be a rainforest lodge in Costa Rica, a polar bear watching voyage in Svalbard or a guided wildlife walk in Scotland. Whatever listing(s) you decide to have, they all have the following 10 elements:


1. The location (region and/or country) of your holiday or accommodation.

2. The title of your holiday, tour or accommodation.

3. A 60-word description of your holiday, tour or accommodation. If we need to edit this to fit our design, we'll make sure you get a chance to check it before it's published on the website.

4. The type of holiday or accommodation (ie: escorted, self-drive, independent, lodge, camp).

5. The duration (nights, hours etc).

6. The months it is available (Jan-Feb, or if there's more than one season: Jan-Feb, Oct-Nov).

7. The lead-in price per person (pp), the currency you want this displayed in, and whether this rate includes flights or not.

8. The URL of the page on your website that you want the listing to link to.

9. The page (or pages) on the Wildlife Wishlist website that you would like this listing to appear on. You could, for example, place your safari listing on the Africa page, the Kenya page and the African elephant page. That would count as three separate listings. Or you could place three different safari holidays all on the Kenya page. Again, that would count as three separate listings.

10. Photograph. Please make sure this is saved as a JPEG file, is landscape format (not portrait) and is not less than 400KB in size. Please also ensure that the title of your holiday or accommodation is in the filename.

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