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Bay of Fundy
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Eastern Canada: Wildlife Destinations

Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy's star species: Northern right whale • Humpback whale • Fin whale


Every day, a staggering 100 billion tonnes of seawater flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy, creating the world’s biggest tides of up to 16m between high and low water extremes. The resultant currents spawn nutrient-rich waters that attract several species of cetaceans, including humpback, fin and minke whale, as well as the endangered northern right whale. Boat trips in the mouth of the bay (around Grand Manan Island) offer excellent whale-watching opportunities, while sea kayaking tours and low-tide beachcombing walks enable you to explore Fundy’s tide-scoured coast. Good spots include Hopewell Rocks, a series of tottering sea stacks, arches and caves. Fundy’s tides also cause tidal bores – best viewed from shore in the Hantsport and Maitland areas of Nova Scotia or during a zodiac ride on the nearby Shubenacadie River.

Getting there  For whale watching, head for Digby in Nova Scotia or the St Andrews area in New Brunswick.
Getting around All whale-watching companies endorsed by Bay of Fundy Tourism adhere to a strict code of ethics. Islands in the mouth of the bay are linked by ferry to the mainland.
When to go August to November for northern right whales; June to October for other species of cetacean.
Things to do Whale watching, sea kayaking, hiking, boat trips.
Places to stay Heritage inns, B&Bs and hotels.
Further information bayoffundytourism.com, bayoffundy.com


Newfoundland: Top 5 Things To Do

1. Spot icebergs from Quirpon Lighthouse
Around 800 bergs pass Quirpon Island each spring, numbers peaking in June.

2. Kayak along the dramatic north coast
Paddle close to seabirds, whales and icebergs in Iceberg Alley.

3. Trek the Tablelands of Gros Morne National Park
Explore a rugged wilderness forged from the crust of an ancient ocean floor.

4. Spot humpback whales and dolphins
Daily cruises run from St Anthony; late June to early September is best.

5. Hike to Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne NP
This inland fjord is reached via a boardwalk across wildlife-rich wetlands.

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